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Acadiana Stars Basketball
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 Do Boys' and Girls' Play on the same teams?

No, boys and girls will play on same teams- no coed play.

 What age groups does Acadiana Biddy offer?

Ages 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14

 How do I know which age to register my player?

Whatever age your child is on September 1, of this year, is the age group he/she will play in during this season.

 Where do we register?

Registration will be open on

 When does practice begin?

Practice will begin the second week of November or after drafts and team selections are completed.

 When are practices held and for how long?

Practices are held during the week (Mon-Fri) and times offered are 5:30,6:30, and 7:30pm.  Practices will be determined after all players are put on a team.  Practices generally last for 1 hour. It will be the coach’s decision on what day & time practice will be held. We usually set out the options at the beginning of the season & for the most part once selected the day & time of each practice for each team will be the same for the entire season unless the coach decides otherwise.

 When do games start?

Games will begin the first/second week of December. The season lasts until February and will end with a Championship Tournament.

 When are games played?

Games are held on Sat/Sun (unless it's tournament time).  Each team plays one game per weekend (unless in tournament).

 How are players selected on teams?

  • Draft nights/Try outs are held for players to be selected on teams. Players will be taken through a short practice full of drills for the coaching staff to watch. This will help coaches to know who they want to select on their teams.
  • If a player is not available for draft night, he/she will still be placed on a team that will be determined by the Directors of Acadiana Biddy.  More info about draft night will be sent to those registered.
  • Because we believe in creating an even spread of talent on teams the draft process is essential in doing so for the competitive nature of the league. The draft process is created for this very reason & performing a draft otherwise based on requests would prevent this from taking place. The ONLY REQUESTS that will be upheld for placing players on the same team is for those players who are siblings & are in the same age group.


 How much is registration?

Registration is $100.00

 Age Groups

Each age group will have a certain amount of spaces.  All registrations MUST be done on web site.  Due to the amount of registrations, we can’t hold space or manually enter registrations.  Once spots are filled for each age group, registration will close, and a wait list will open.