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Acadiana Stars Basketball
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Acadiana Biddy is offering different levels of sponsorships for anyone interested in advertising his/her business, and making a difference in our “Stars”!


  • Business name on the back of the jerseys
  • Business name is Team Name Featured on all Game & Practice Schedules
  • Business advertised on sign in the Youngsville Sports Complex
  • Business advertised on the Acadiana Biddy & the YSC website
  • Sponsor receives a Team jersey


Acadiana Biddy would like to recognize “Character Champions” throughout the season.  We believe the players & coaches should be recognized for showing small acts of kindness, behind the scenes acts, and anything that recognizes true character. These sponsors will enable recognition & awards throughout the season!

  • Business will be on all end of the year awards
  • Business will be on all “Character Champion” awards
  • Business will be advertised on sign in Youngsville Sports Complex
  • Business will be advertised on the Acadiana Biddy & YSC website
  • Sponsors to Receive Acadiana Biddy Shirt


  • End of the year/ mid- season tournament to be named after the Sponsor
  • Business advertised on tournament awards
  • Clinics offered to players & coaches will be named after this business and advertised
  • Business will be advertised on sign in Youngsville Sports Complex
  • Business will be advertised on the Acadiana Biddy & YSC website
  • Sponsors to Receive Acadiana Biddy Shirt
  • Sponsors to Receive Tournament Entry Passes
  • Honorary Guest recognized throughout Tournament Play


  • HIGHEST VIP level of Sponsorship
  • Includes all 3 Levels of Sponsorship benefits bundled into 1
  • You will be recognized on a National Level through Biddy Basketball
  • We will make sure & forward these VIP Sponsors to the National Biddy Association where you will be recognized as Volunteers making a difference in the youth sports community and you will be in the running for the biggest supporter making a difference award which is recognized as a top Biddy Honor award.
  • You will be honored throughout the season & you will be designated your own “Biddy game day Saturday” as our biggest supporter honorary guest sponsor. You will be provided designated seating & recognized throughout the game day.
  • BEST OF ALL… You get to be on the level of the kids. You will be allowed to be the Guest Star Coach for a Game Day for the team you sponsored. You will be allowed to sit on the bench & be a part of the game action with a front row seat.


Our sponsors are a huge reason why we are able to give these young athletes the best gear, awards, & recognition they deserve. Please join in contributing to make it all happen. If you are interested in any of the above levels of sponsorship, you can access the Sponsorship form on our website. Please visit and click on the menu option for “SPONSORSHIP”. Under this menu option there will be a “SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION” Link. Please click this link and there will be a button with “REGERSTER NOW”. Please select the register now button and follow the directions provided to complete the application & make payment. Please select from one of the 4 levels of sponsorship you are interested in. On completion of the sponsorship form you will be able to submit your payment. Your business will be billed in the near future along with a tax-deductible receipt.

If you have any further questions, please email
or call 337-344-4961 or 337-277-5929.

As always, Thank you in advance for your Support,
Acadiana Biddy Basketball & The Brodhead crew!