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Coaches Application 2017/2018

We are in the process of securing coaches for our league.  If you have coached in the past and are interested in doing so again, or if you are new to the program and interested in volunteering to coach for the 1st time, please COMPLETELY fill out the COACHES APPLICATION. All new & first time coaches must fill out this application to be considered in coaching for 2017-2018 Season. Also coaches who are interested in being an assistant coach must also fill out the COACHES APPLICATION (JUST MAKE NOTE THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ASSISTING).

 You can find the COACHES APPLICATION on the website under the COACHES TAB ON THE “Coaches Application” link. We will begin the Coaches Selection process in the near future. If you have any further questions, please email ACADIANABIDDY@GMAIL.COM or Call 337-344-4961 or 337-277-5929.

Acadiana Biddy Basketball's reputation for having good, knowledgeable, personable coaches is all because of volunteers to the program like yourselves that give of your valuable time and knowledge. Our coaches have been selected to coach in our program because of their basketball knowledge and ability to teach the fundamental skills and the game. They NEED you!  VOLUNTEER COACHES are the backbone to our program and make our program possible. Please join us in providing a positive and fun-filled sports experience for the children in our community. Each team needs a coach to conduct practices and direct players during games. Assistant coaches and team parents provide valuable support teaching skills, monitoring players, organizing activities and much more. All volunteers who provide direct service to children must pass a background check. So don’t wait… fill out the COACHING APPLICATION now so you are ready to start right along with the team! To continue serving our community we need your help and support. Come join us in this fun, rewarding experience! We appreciate it, but more so, the athletes appreciate it!!!  So please consider volunteering!!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!


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