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Tune-Up Clinic

"There comes a Time when Summer Meets Fall"...  Come Practice with us and Get Prepared!

Acadiana Biddy Basketball is offering a "Tune Up Clinic" for the Biddy Basketball players that want to get in the gym before the season starts!

October 27th
Age: All ages are welcome/ Boys and Girls
Where: Youngsville Sports Complex
When: October 27th (Sunday)
Time: 10am -12 noon
Cost: $25.00/player

What to Expect:

  • Individual skills Offensive and Defensive
  • Team/ Full Court Drills
  • Fitness Session
  • Classroom Session on a Life Lesson (taken from our new "FhereLESS" agenda/ ex: how to be a leader or tools on positive thinking).
  • Last 30 minutes a question/answer session involving parents and what to work on with players at home
  • All skills/fitness/lessons will be according to age of player.
  • On the registration link, I have left two places for parents to fill out any skills you would like to see worked on.  This will help us assess what we need to cover in addition to what we believe is important.  This is just a suggestion, and doesn't mean we will be able to work on all skills!

For more information